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December 07 2013

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February 01 2013

Potato sack

January 24 2013

urban strawbrs
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January 21 2013

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Pomidor. Upside down.
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January 15 2013

January 14 2013

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jak odróżnić klucze
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January 10 2013

bucket plant tower
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January 09 2013

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A tupa is the main room in a traditional Finnish farm home and serves as a kitchen, dining room, living room and even bedroom.
Most of the furniture comes from Pohjanmaa (Ostrobothnia), a coastal province in northwestern Finland where peasant architecture and decoration peaked at the start of the 19th century.
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The foyer in a house built over a creek, in Wyoming. Built from reclaimed wood, a concept developed by artist Debbie Petersen and her late husband. The home’s geo-thermal cooling system uses a pump to channel ground water through conduits under the house, which doesn’t just save energy - it also creates the innovative glass-covered indoor stream.

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October 28 2012

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kitchen inspiration - blat

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October 27 2012

October 16 2012

October 08 2012

September 27 2012

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September 24 2012

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Old school bus converted into a mobile Tiny House
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September 21 2012

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